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Cycling for Teenagers

Teenage/ Youth Cycle

7:00pm Tuesday 12th June 2018, Glenties

This event aims to provide youth/teenagers tips on cycling and also teaching you the rules of the road whilst cycling.

Contact Helen: 087 636 4835 or James: 0872546592

Ladies Cycle

Ladies Cycle

6:30pm Wednesday 13th June 2018, Glenties

A cycle going from Glenties to Narin Beach aimed to encourage more ladies out cycling with refreshments served on the return trip.

Contact Helen: 087 636 4835 or James: 0872546592

Cycling Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

11:00am Saturday 16th June 2018, Glenties

A family fun day with a Cycle Treasure Hunt for all groups with prizes up for grabs.

Contact Helen: 087 636 4835 or James: 0872546592

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking For Beginners

10:00am Sunday 17th June 2018, Glenties

Introduction to Mountain Biking for all levels which will also help develop your bike handling skills.

Contact Helen: 087 636 4835 or James: 0872546592

Bike Week 2018

Something for Everyone

Do I have to be any good?

No, the events are aimed at everyone. Some of our top club cyclists began their journeys at Bike Week.

What do I need?

A roadworthy bike and a helmet, we'll provide everything else. If you don't have a bike or a helmet, get in touch and we'll try and sort out a loan for you.

Do I have to be fit?

Not at all. The cycles will all be at a leisurely pace and we promise no one will be left behind.

Can I go to more than one event?

Of course! We'd be delighted to see you at all of them.

What if I've never been off road? Can I still mountain bike?

Absolutely, you are most welcome. If you can ride a bike, you can ride a mountain bike. And what better way to try your first off road experience than with experts helping you all the way.

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