Tír Chonnail Gap CC Mountain Bike Event

The reactions of the riders crossing the finish line after completing the Mountain Bike Event on Sunday 15th July said it all. Satisfaction and enjoyment, a little tiredness and relief, yes there was a hill to be climbed…….but what goes up must come down 🤣and gladly everyone that started the event, finished it safely. Well done to all riders.👏👏

The MTB trail is in the best shape it has ever been with a little help from the recent dry weather but mostly due to the hard work of all involved over the last few weeks with the improvement works that went on behind the scenes with the continued co-operation of the landowners. Massive credit to these lads and ladies.👏👏

Of course these events can’t take place without everyone pulling together to help out and today was no different with club members & volunteers covering event set up, registration, marshaling, timing, signage, photography, the ever important cup of tea, coffee and refreshments before and after and many other duties that go unnoticed on event day. We had one man that we want to thank for continually driving this event along with the help of all of the above and that is Gerard Curran who put a lot of effort into organising many of the big and small details that went into making today’s event a great success. Well done and thank you to all. 👏👍

The next event in the Donegal MTB series will be held in Kildarragh, Creeslough on 26th August and hopefully we will be hosting another MTB event on our trail in October so stay tuned for more info.

Thank you to our event sponsors

Event Sponsors

Once again we had great support from our sponsors for the day; Diver’s Centra, Ardara, Hughie Molloy, Dalefarm, Norms Bikes, Belfast, Gallagher’s Bakery, Ardara, Pat the Baker, Central Hotel, Donegal and Charlie’s West End Cafe, Ardara, as well as Donegal County Council. A massive thanks to all of you. 👍

Thank you also to our base for the event, the Community Centre, Glenties.

Were you on the podium?

How Did You Do?

The names below are taken from the registration sheets so apologies if some are incorrect or spelt wrong. Peter’s eyesight ain’t what it used to be!

One Lap
Ronan Eanetta1st Junior 49.35
Callum Morris 49.41
Dylan Harper 51.15
Conrad Kettles 51.40
Liam Doherty 51.45
James Harkin 53.40
Jamie Morris 54.20
Couzineau Fa 56.18
Phillip Carr? 56.20
Elijah Mc Ginley 57.19
Dominic Friel 59.30
Conor Eanetta 1.01.51
Dareen Harpur 1.02.02
Eddie Duffy 1.02.37
Adrian Mc Elhinney 1.03.39
Michael Morrow 1.04.00
Louise Friel1st Lady 1.04.35
Sean Mc Crudden 1.05.50
David Reid 1.07.10
Taylor Mahon 1.07.20
Killian Durning 1.09.05
Barry Harper 1.10.10
Peadar Byrne 1.10.10
Dermot Harper 1.10.10
Shane Sweeney 1.10.10
Caoilum Gallagher 1.10.26
Noel Doherty 1.10.33
Dermott Mc Cafferty 1.10.40
Timothy Perry 1.10.40
Mark Allerton 1.11.21
Conor Durning 1.12.05
Adam Hall 1.12.40
Michael O’Kane 1.16.18
Fintan James 1.23.02
Sean Mc Grory 1.24.10
Phelim James 1.25.15
John Thompson 1.27.07
Catherine Boyle 1.27.25
Cess Holden 1.28.16
Dermot Devine 1.42.55
Caolan Mc Kenna 1.44.21
Eamon Mc Kerr? 1.44.26
Oisin Mooney 1.47.20
Colin Mooney 1.47.20
Two Laps
Clive CaldwellCourse Record 1.16.28
James Mc Court 1.20.40
Michael Mc Keown 1.21.12
Stephen Bradley 1.22.00
Niall Brown 1.22.56
Jack Connor1st Junior 1.23.38
Ronan Brennan 1.24.40
Niall Skelly 1.24.42
Shane Scullion 1.24.44
Sean Scullion 1.24.46
Findhan Strain 1.25.35
Colvin Beattie 1.26.45
Gerard Curran 1.26.45
Irwin Potts 1.27.35
Ross Crawford 1.27.40
Trevor James 1.27.52
Niall Dunnion? 1.28.55
Kevin Mc Glynn 1.30.05
Ted Mc Caffrey 1.30.30
Kieran Turner 1.32.40
Declan Doherty 1.32.40
Oisin Brady 1.33.05
Kinderis Mindaugas 1.33.20
Damian Rogers 1.35.45
Darren Mulholland 1.35.45
G Skelly 1.36.00
Rory Connor 1.36.08
Francis Furey 1.36.50
Columba Gallen 1.37.40
Bob Johnston 1.38.00
Siobhan Gallagher1st Lady 1.38.15
Emmet Rose 1.38.45
Michael Gallagher 1.42.10
Noel Dillon 1.42.34
Frank Gallagher 1.42.46
Aidan Farry 1.42.55
Bryan Hanlon 1.43.26
Barry Mc Girr 1.43.40
Rodney Carson 1.43.42
T Toye 1.44.34
Raymond Doherty 1.44.50
Ronan Harper 1.45.44
Aidan Mc Mullan 1.46.05
Patrick Durning 1.46.30
Barry Duffy 1.46.46
Louis Moran 1.46.46
Eymard Brennan 1.50.03
Jason Mc Kinley 1.50.03
Hugh Mc Mahon 1.52.35
Paul Johnston 1.53.50
Brian Mc Dermott 2.00.00
Marty Sweeney 2.00.00
Gerard Callaghan 2.01.50
Jamie Callaghan 2.01.50
Tim Somerville 2.02.00
Simon Mahon 2.03.15
Andrew Montgomery 2.03.15
John Laffan 2.08.50

Our marshalls were able to take time out to capture a few tired faces at the top of the hills. Except Trevor and Frank of course – they’re always grinning.

Event Footage

Our thanks to John Boyle and others for some cracking footage. Did we catch you falling off or bailing out on one of the chicken runs?

The Youngsters Show Us The Way

Some “pure professional” work from our youngest trailers

The Long Slog To The Bridge

Are you exhausted yet?

The Pump Track

The 64 million dollar question is “Did you make it?” Spoiler alert: not everyone did!

The Cottage

“Good lad, keep her at it.” Our John gets so overexcited in commentary, we think he should apply for a job on Italian TV.